Established in 1993, GeoLodges has over 20 years of experience in providing excellence in hospitality. We are recognised both within Uganda and internationally and have won various awards including the UWA Award For Excellence In Hospitality and the Ecobusiness Award For Environmental Conservation. We have also received certificates of excellence from Tripadvisor and featured in the New York Times 1000 Places To See Before You Die.

GeoLodges have four lodges and an individual cabin, all set in pristine locations across Uganda. Come and explore with us as we take you across the many beautiful landscapes Uganda has to offer! From the depths of the Mabira RainForest to the heights of the snow capped Mountains of the Moons. As well as the majestic Murchison Falls and the beauty of the Queen Elizabeth National Park in between, we have something for everyone!

The lodges have been created to put nature first, this is reflected in the architecture, and the seamless way in which nature and design coexist. The GeoLodges experience will allow you to connect with nature, while at the same time, providing you with a level of comfort that is in perfect balance with your African safari experience